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PARK [art magazine]

Park´s a bilingual publication (portuguese + english). It´s mainly focused as a promotion tool for young, underground artists and creatives worldwide. An online showcase of talent, skill, irreverence and attitude.
PARK 03 ___ artists to be featured:

JOPHEL YBIOSA (Philippines)
SWOON (Belgium)
TÂNIA DINIZ (Portugal)

Count your fingers JJ (D), acrylic on canvas 61 x 46 cm, Marie Irmgard, 2011


The Copenhagen Letters/ Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais/ (Crisis, i love you)

Heres to you Miss America

“What a strange nurse you found for yourself […], it really doesn’t seem like a very good idea […] but then again who I am to talk. To be smothered in all that stuff doesn’t seem so good but in God we trust and maybe it’s good you have someone who can keep your pyromaniac tendencies in check [...] I’ve got you’ve bad here in Copenhagen here, but then again I get lost in all those people whom I’ve got so bad so hold your horses on that plane ticket. The strangest things has happened though – actually two things; I have developed a fear of heights […], remember how I used to love them, actually it is not so strange but I will spare you that story, the other thing is that a couple a weeks or maybe months ago I saw a girl on a bike that kind of resembled our era […], strange to see such a girl in Copenhagen, she was on a bike so it was in passing, I was leaving an opening. […] so, husky eyes are still here […], I know she really broke his heart but he deserves it I think, he is always so lucky anyway […], I try hard not to be jealous […], anyway she had too much past for him, the Americans call it baggage – like luggage [...] attempting to create images through words [...] is that possible? [...]Too much, much too young […], uh, but now we actually are old & I am so surprised of how many of us are still […], vive le weekend vs. the beast in me, the jury is still out on that one but the verdict is closer than it has ever been [...] beginning to feel like home, beginning to feel happy and blessed for the clear water running through the faucets, [...] M is really a great name even if she was always the prettier of you two […]. I think about the desert often, I could go to one of those pyramid countries but I’m not sure I would like it there; it’s too foreign & too noisy, but I should tell you what happened to everyone, but it’s hard to remember, some days I remember everything so clearly and I can watch it as a movie, other days it’s just gone. C has a big sneaker collection and a wealthy husband and […]. Twinkle, mopeds and Melissa […] Black-SteelBrutus […] and rooftop summers […] but I digress again […] I always thought Manhattan was overrated […] I remember every word you’ve said though I try hard not to […]. There are no fireflies in Denmark but the air is clean & I am supposed to appreciate that but every time I am in a parking garage I inhale the smell deep and miss home […]. I took the best and the worst times and I always dance too long, while you always held up your head high and got the best boys even […] , you know he made a music video, gward it seems so outdated: music video – but anyway he did, with little bunnies running around him, what an idiot but maybe he did it to seem taller? Two people or three people […] but I really want to have grandchildren so I sort of became my own chain gang – there are no good in evil hearted woman and I ain’t cut out to be no Jesse James. […] I think the only time I ever liked D was the day he wore a red t-shirt and his eyes looked so sore like they were withholding tears, however it was just a brief glimpse, otherwise he was mostly a cliché of himself […], so is J, he is so old now but he also was then, what an idiot chasing demented teenage girls then and still doing it now […], about D I blame it on the rain MilliVanilli-style […] but sometimes I’m the sore one. […] and no guys wears big gold rings here apart from a few deviated criminals […] the day in the mountains was pathetic and made me feel very uncomfortable though I’m sure he enjoyed it […]. We are too old to run away […], how’s your husband? How’re the children? […] Ave Maria and April snow […], I got tired of just playing bit parts so I retired, I rejected some leads […] that is too much responsibility and I don’t ever want anyone […] again, whether it was really my fault or not […] it wasn’t he was crazy […]. I need a new phase; I miss your clearness and your razor sharp brightness in all this blurriness. To have a fresh feeling would be so good […]. Polly-Meat and […] I do whatever I want, and mostly I want to walk alone […]. Papa blank-expression goes around trying to cast spells but he isn’t catching anyone. He is such a love-pervert and I can’t really stand to see him […].Sanitary sanity that is a good thing but all my friends are so […] dirty and […] don’t have money to buy new […], there are no surprises here […]. […] do you know she married a businessman, how well of her […], no return […] and I have something in my eyes; […] most incriminating parts. I will see you soon or […] actually maybe […] - Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais”


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